Welcome to Warrantease

  • Manage all your important Product purchase documents in one place
  • Get reminders for renewal of Warranty information
  • Visibility to all your assets to have full control
  • Easily store and retrieve Bills, Product Related documents
  • The list of assigned tasks is easily accessible to the service engineer.
  • Reminders for completed tasks.
  • All active and completed jobs are visible.
  • The service engineer can easily add the compliant related description and attachments.

  • Consumer App Technician App

    App Features For Consumer

    Welcome to your Digital Product Purchase App | Welcome to Warrantease - Your After Purchase Assistant

    Simple registration

    Sign in with your email . Get a verification code . On successful verification, Access the App

    Intuitive UI

    Easy addition of Products and warranty details. Edit, Delete or Update Extended warranty

    Dashboard summary

    Get an overview of your product warranties with filters that need your immediate attention

    View Product history

    View and export product history.Get summary of all infos related to your product

    Get Warranty reminders

    Notifications on the products which need renewals

    App Features For Technician

    Simple Login

    Sign in with your email & password, Access the App

    Intuitive UI

    Easily can see the list of Active jobs

    My Jobs Summary

    The list of assigned tasks is easily accessible to the service engineer. as well as the active and completed tasks

    View Compliant

    The complaint is being viewed by a service engineer. And he arrived at the customer's complaint.

    Get Job Done Notifications

    Notifications on my jobs that have been moved to completed status in the service provider portal

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